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The official New Year of 2011

What an amazing time of year, as I type, fireworks displays are happening all around South Africa and around the world.

And to make it more special, this is my first Blog!

As some people share this time with family and friends, wishing each other well and hoping for the best for the coming year, remember the past year with the good times taking preference over the bad times.

As I am muslim, I am currently at home with my family. We’d already celebrated our New Year earlier in December 2010.
For me its a special time to be with family and friends too.

As we head into 2011, I wish all of you a Happy New Year and that you fulfil all the resolutions you have made, and achieve all your goals, and realize all your dreams.

I hope you enjoy the parties and reach home safely to join rejoin your families and loved ones.

All the best for the future

Tchau for now 😉

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