Upcoming Events

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

The following are events taking place from this week.


6th & 7th June 2014
Saaberie Chisty Family Fete
Ext 6

7th June 2014
Indoor Winter Fest Market
Baitun Noor Hall

National Qiraa’ah Competition:

Wed 4 June: Lakefield, Masjidul Ansaar, After Ishaa

Thurs 5 June: Bosmont, Bosmont Masjid, After Ishaa

Fri 6 June: Roshnee, Masjidun Nur, After Ishaa

Sat 7 June National Qiraa’ah Competition Gauteng Edition, Nizamiye (Turkish) Masjid, Midrand, After Asr

Sheikh Abdullah Dawud, who lives and teaches Qiraa’aat in Malaysia, is the National Qari of Tanzania (2010) and has shared platforms with prominent Egyptian reciters such as Qari Ahmad Naeena, Qari Farajallah As -Shadhili, and many other Qurraa from all over the world.
For more info (and with regards to the Qiraat competitions) pls contact 0832773216 or chairman@quranunion.co.za

Eid Shopping Festival
19th to 22nd June 2014
Coca Cola Dome

6th July 2014
Ramadhaan Home Industry Market & Fashion Show
Nurul Islam Hall

WHD Submissions 6 through to 14!


These are the last entrants for the competition.
Apologies for the delay.

All the way from Nigeria: Entrant no.6


Anne origin Nigeria. Hijab in Nigeria is worn by all cultures and religious. We have a variety of styles being wrap, pin, bun style. We mix and match stripes with florals , sandals and heels. Most of our traditional scarfs are made with Nigerian fabric. I fully support WHD hijab as a proud Nigerian. Anne O Joseph

Back in South Africa :

Entrant no 7:


I am full time in hijab, I love to experiment and wear it wrapped, turban or simply modern.In Ramadaan I prefer to wear this with my Abaya throughout the entire month.Non-Muslims are always complimenting on the beauty of hijab/scarf and abaya.I hope to inspire not only non-Muslims but the Muslims sisters especially the youth
Sisters lets experiment and make it our own.


Entrant no.8


As you know I don’t wear hijab that often and facial expression confirms it
I guess it depends on the person , how you feel inside. Personally we should wear it with pride and commit ourselves to wearing it not just for special occasions but on a daily basis, once you are comfortable in your skin
The rest, as they say, is history.

Safia P.

Entrant no. 9


My dad is an inspiration to our family, he always encouraged his princesses
to dress appropriately and that is to
Honour Islam and our heritage, I wish he could see us today , he left a
legacy behind I guess it comes with
Maturity and love for this beautiful religion, I wear different styles for
different occasions and it depends how
Comfortable I feel in that style, most of my clothing has a matching wrap
which makes it easier to mix and match

Mariam Juma Daniels

Entrant no.10


I love long and big scarfs with decorations and bling
I play around with what fashion has to offer and make it my own
The more you play around , the more creative you become
I do hijab on Friday’s and special occasions only
My niyaht is to wear it fulltime shukran


Entrant no. 11


Khadija Bosman
In honour of hijab awareness I wear my hijab today hoping that I will not
leave home without it
It is a challenge to wear it daily, I guess practise becomes routine. Once
routine is in place once can’t imagine being without it
To my sisters Jazakallah for sharing ideas, I will play around with the
styles I copied from you.

Entrant no.12


Hassenate Juma

Hijab is our heritage, we should wear it with pride
Celebrating hijab day means we are honouring our heritage encouraging the
To wear it and our daughters should continue the tradition.
I wear hijab fulltime and hope to see more sister not only wearing it on
this day
But everyday

Entrant no. 13


I love wearing hijaab, my personal preference for years
Its versatile, colourful and simply beautiful
Sisters should not only try this for one day, extend wearing it for a week believe me
You won’t leave home without your hijaab

Aisha S

Entrant no.14


Fatima Dickson

This is how were brought up to dress, over the years we have changed my
scarfs with
Different styles depending on the occasion.
The turban however remains my favourite .

And that concludes all the entrants !

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who submitted their photos. You all look so beautiful and I hope that Allah blesses each and every one of the ladies, who took part in the competition as well as those who didn’t, the guidance and will to wear the hijab in its proper way, انشأ الله


I’ll be announcing a winner shortly. Stay tuned!

WHD Submissions 2 , 3, 4 & 5

السلم عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

This is entrant number 2


This is what sister Farida says:

Assalamu Alaikum

I’m with my granny Hawa Juma Chali who is 91 in this photo. Ever since I can
remember granny has been wearing hijab. Granny has been an inspiration to
all of us
I would like to thank my family ” The Juma Chali Familia” and friends for
entering the competition and for supporting this event
It was a challenge for some of us and simply an experience to remember for

I feel hijab will always be a challenge to anyone at first , I get excited
whenever I meet another sister in hijab in the East Rand my thoughts
Are always at least I’m, not alone the challenge is to try different styles
that suits you . Once you comfortable there’s no turning back
So “Give it a try and you will see why”

Kind Regards
Farida Laurie- Ploker

Entrant 3


Nasima Davis, yellow is her favourite colour.
Nasima is never shy to express herself , this was simply a pleasure for her

Entrants 4


Twins Murida and Munira, beautiful!

Entrant 5


Sayda Juma

My aunt Sayda couldn’t stop smiling
She wears hijab occasionally and special occasions. She prefers the Arab
wrap as she calls it
For her to wear hijab on a Saturday was completely different experience
I was surprised that she asked us to take this with her phone, Well done,
shukran for WHD support.

All photos were submitted by Farida.
Please vote for your favorite and she will win a prize.

All votes to be in by Wednesday , 05/02/2014, at midday!

Don’t forget, submissions have been extended!