Full Circle? Perhaps

السلم عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

I’m not sure how many of you awesome followers have read my very first post.

If you have, then you’ll understand the meaning of this posts title.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since I began blogging and back then it was just a way to capture what I love and share it with like minded people.

Currently I’m back where it all began and one of the few places on earth where I feel truly at home and where my heart always yearns to be.

Welcome to the colorful and beautiful city of Cape Town.

Though it’s a short trip, I cannot describe to you what an amazing feeling of freedom and ease I have when I’m here.
I’ve missed the view of the majestic Table Mountain and its 2 companion mountains, Lions Head & Signal Hill.


I love hiking up there when time permits.

This time I had a few hours between family functions to explore the Bokaap a little more.
I love this place due to its colorfulness as well as the fact that it is a mainly Muslim area, and the Azaan goes off on time daily.
The fact that women attend the Masjid here is really great because we hardly get to attend the Masjids in Johannesburg.

I did some random snapping here:






I also happened to be very lucky because we got to see the Koons do a practice session before their annual Parade.

I captured it on video so you can all have a look.
Just need to get to a wi-fi area to upload it.
They weren’t dressed up though but nonetheless the residents and tourists had a great time with them.

I shall post a link as soon as it’s up.

Until then, keep well, be safe and have a wonderful holiday!

وعليكم السلام ورحمةالله و بركاته

My Local Salon


Welcome to Skin & Body International.

This is the local salon in Lenasia that I go to on a monthly basis.
They’re fast, efficient, and have a professional manner, yet have friendly and warm personalities.

With state of the art technologies helping one attain results fast, you are assured that you are getting value for money.

From manicures, pedicures and facials, to waxing, laser and even massages!


They’re also promoting weightless and skin tightening treatments.

There’s always something for everyone.

Monthly specials are announced via email and in advertorials in the local Lenasia Times newspaper or by visiting them in Ext 13, Lenasia.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

How often have you heard that saying?

But have you ever really felt it was true for you?

I don’t particularly mean where you’ve grown up, or where your parents live, etc. I mean as in you finding the one place which encapsulates everything you feel a home is or should be.

For me, its Cape Town.
Alas, I’m a Jo’burg girl… Ironic really, don’t you think?

My love for Cape Town began in 1992, when I went there for the very first time.
The beauty, atmosphere, people, food, energy and calmness that Cape Town possesses is everything I’ve ever wanted.
Its where I feel most at home.

Living in Jhb is quite different, I guess. We’re a lot more fast paced, definitely more stressed, and really you’re not very safe here which tends to make us a bit paranoid I guess.

In Cape Town, I’m able to relax, walk to almost all my favorite spots, and able to use the train and bus routes with ease.. Also, I have the best chauffeur in Cape Town who’s always willing to take a person around and he’s the most reasonably priced too!!!

I’m looking forward to finding myself a home in CT soon, and being at home in a place where my heart already is.

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