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Today my post is very different from my normal post trend.

Because this has truly been a terrible oversight by western mainstream media.
People need to be aware of murders of innocent men, rape of women and children, all of whom are being persecuted by Buddhists in Burma, for being Muslim.

Where are the United Nations, CNN, SKY, ALJAZEERA, and all other world bodies and news channels??

Is a massacre of Muslims not worthy of worldwide attention?

It is sad that the world fears a religion. Is that they misunderstand Islam or our way of life? Or is that they think they know what Islam is and clearly have a very wrong opinion of it?

There is no justification for killing innocent people and children no matter what their race, culture, tradition, religion, caste, tribe, or country happens to be.

If you care as one human being, about another human being, please try to bring some awareness of the situation of Burma to those around you.

Have a look at the links and pictures I’m posting… Do you feel in your heart that God would want us to do this to each other? Does He not love peace for His people? Religion teaches us to have faith and tolerance for all God’s creation.

Why then do we do this to each other??

Have our hearts become so hard in that it causes us to have no feeling when our fellow humans go through such torture and strife and grief?

May God have mercy upon us all, and guide us to be better towards one another.

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