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Salaam and hello to all

Today, Sunday 22nd May 2011, was the Ask Nanima Home Industry Expo, held at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens in Emmarentia.

The weather was great, sunny and warm, and spending a few hours at the Gardens itself was wonderful.

The stalls on the outside had some lovely things such as gorgeous Hijabs (scarves) in different colours which have roses on the one edge. It looks quite stunning once pinned up.
We (my sister and I) also came across a lady selling beautiful canvases on which you could paint anything you’d like and you could also ice a cupcake in your choice of design for only R10.00.

Next was a stall selling beautiful hijab pins, at which my sister and I had a rather tough time choosing pins to match our abayas that we plan on wearing to another upcoming Islamic event.

The food stalls were lovely, selling chicken biryani and the other one selling things like burgers, wors rolls, chicken wraps, steak wraps and much more.
The chicken biryani was divine btw 😉

The stalls on the inside of the building were selling a variety of things from lovely sandals with crystals to Ask Nanima T-shirts, edible glitter for baking, organic facial beauty products, and so so much more!

There were a lot of people that attended the Expo, and the only down side was the lack of room to move about inside the building and it also got very hot.

But all in all, I think the Expo was a success for all those that hired stalls there, and for us as visitors, a big thank you to the stall owners for selling some amazing and beautiful things.

We’ll be looking forward to the next to Expo.

*Its been a while since I’ve been back at the Botanical Gardens, and after visiting the Expo, my sister and I took a walk down to a bench near the river. It reminded me of the peace and quiet I love about the place.
I’ll definitely be back there soon!

My next update will be up soon, be sure to check back for details.


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