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Happy Muslim Women’s Day!

Today is the 27th of March 2022, and though I was only recently made aware of this particular day, I thought it would be lovely to share some articles on some amazing women from Islamic History.

Here’s an interesting article from last year that I found about Muslim Women’s Day:

Muslim Women’s Day: 10 books on females of faith

We, as women, are and have been accomplished in many areas of life for centuries, for example, the oldest university in the world was founded by Fatima Al Fihri, in Fez, Morocco. It began as a Masjid and then developed into what is now the famous Al Qarawiyyin University.

Women have been at the forefront since Islam began.

The following are some articles linked in which Muslimah scholars and other amazing Muslimahs that are not widely known, but have contributed greatly to Islam.

10 Influential Women From Islamic History

Great Women in Islamic History : A Forgotten Legacy

There are so many accomplished Muslim women in different fields of work today.

I look at some of my favorite Muslimah lecturers such as Yasmin Mogahed and Haleh Banani and so many more women, and how they’ve come to use their voices to share their knowledge.

We have Muslim women becoming pilots and surgeons and directors and CEO’s. Masha Allah.

Alhamdulillah, we have come a long way in breaking the false belief of people, who are of the opinion that Muslim women are oppressed.

With our Hijabs flowing in the wind, and our Niqaabs gracing our faces delicately, we have proven that what we wear, and what we choose to cover, does not impact what we choose to learn and excel in.

My husband always tells me that being a Niqaabi or Hijabi shouldn’t stop you from doing anything in life.

Our accomplished sisters show us this everyday.

And for those of our sisters who are stay at home moms, teachers, Madressah Ustaadah’s, etc. May Allah reward you abundantly for all of your efforts.

Now that we actually have a Muslim Women’s Day, let’s acknowledge all the women in Islamic history as well as our modern day Muslimahs that are making a huge difference in their communities and in the world as such.

Click that comment button and let us know who your favorite Muslimah is!

Past, present or future, who do you look up to and why?

I can’t wait to read you responses!

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