Make Up: Is It Truly Essential To You?

As a woman, I know we all probably have tons of makeup around.

From foundations, to eyeshadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner and lip liner. I know I’ve left a lot of things out, but I think that’s a basic list..

For someone that doesn’t spend much time using makeup, I simply don’t have the time everyday, I just use eyeliner, and off I go. ‘Au Natural’ I think is the term.
But come have a look at my dresser or makeup box, and you’ll be surprised to find so much make up, that will truly make you ask the question, ‘why do I buy make up if I don’t use it very often??’

To be honest, I think its the idea of making time to use it that makes me buy it. Yes, I know, its a terrible excuse to buy something.
But there you have it.

Although I may not be an avid user, I have seen tons of women who do use make up… However, some just don’t look quite normal..

You see, some women tend to use too much, and others too little, others simply don’t have the right colour foundation and it either makes them look too white, too brown, or too red for their complexion.

I suppose if we don’t really consult a makeup artist inorder to get the proper colours that’s suitable not just for our colouring, but our skin types too, than winging it may just make us not look very attractive.

Also, since my awesome sister is a make up artist & hairstylist, I’ve learned that not every style of make up that’s fashionable is going to suit everyone. Its perfectly fine for you to find a look that suits you, and that you like.

But please don’t over do it. From what I’ve heard this far, men love women that look more natural, and personally I agree with that opinion.

God made us each beautiful, I suppose we could enhance our beauty instead of trying to remake ourselves into someone else’s idea of what beauty is.

What is your preference?
1)Au Natural
2)A bit of make up
3)Fully made up all the time

Send in your answers, let’s see which style has the most votes.

Happy voting 😉

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