About The Turquoise Scarf

I’m a 30 – something woman just trying to make my way in a world which is as beautiful as it is complicated.

I love attending functions and events and recently blogging has become my new hobby 🙂

Life has its ups and downs, and love is never guaranteed… So here I am, doing my own thing, and helping to make your life more exciting by posting events, functions, parties, great places to go to, things to cook for an amazing meal, and just about all my rambling thoughts and ideas… Lol

I’m also studying while working at a full time job, so if I’m a bit quiet, just know I haven’t forgotten bout you all…

Here’s to happy reading and fun experiences!


  1. smc says:

    It would be appreciated if you could forward the correspondence you received from the MJC regarding the halaal status of Pieman’s Pies. i also contacted them before falling for the BBM, but have not received a reply.

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