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اسلام عليكم و رحمةالله و براكاته

Hi everyone

I can’t believe January is ending in a few days and I never got around to posting anything yet.. Until today that is.

For the most part I’m still trying to find a rhythm to function as I now do like 5 people’s jobs and it leaves me either exhausted or frustrated, or both!
So I hereby apologize for the tardiness on posting.
In fact I’m so delayed that I haven’t even gone on holiday yet.. ?

I do hope everyone’s new (Gregorian) year has begun on a good note.

I’m sure we all have set out goals we’d like to achieve this year, and I sincerely pray we reach them all.

This year I’ll be featuring products that can be ordered straight from me, as well others you can buy at local retailers.

Considering that I am an executive secretary by profession, I also bake and own Fairy Dust Delights , am currently back at work doing sales in building materials and still being the current chauffeur/errand girl/shopper/ occasional cook/baby gift maker etc. I’m about ready to just fall on to my bed and NOT move until morning!

Due to limited time, I have to make some of personal things more accessible so I don’t spend too much time, looking for things. Optimization I think it’s called.
I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks soon.

My only current dilemma right now is deciding where to go for a much needed holiday break.

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