Heritage Day, South Africa

South Africa is quite a diverse country, so it would follow that we have some diverse holidays.

The 24th of September marks a public holiday called Heritage Day.

Originally known as ‘Shaka’s Day’, which was a tribute to the Zulu King Shaka on the date of his presumed death in 1828.

The day has also been dubbed ‘National Braai Day’.

A South African barbecue (BBQ) is called a ‘braai’, which is the Afrikaans word for ‘fry’. A variety of meats, sausage and vegetables, as well as breads, can be cooked on the ‘braai stand’.

Braai’s are a great way of bringing people together. Whether planned or impromptu, it’s a fast and easy way for everyone to get involved, especially in making the side dishes, and to spend an afternoon or evening around a fire chatting, snacking and just having a great time with your favourite people around you.

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Remembering our Heritage is important. Knowing where you’ve come from can have a massive impact on who and what you become in the future.

Wishing all my fellow South Africans an amazing Heritage Day and a fantastic Braai Day!

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