Friendship: Navigating The Tricky Path

The most awesome of people around don’t have to be physically close to you in order to make a difference in your life, as friendship is a relationship founded in the sharing of similar likes and dislikes between two souls.

That’s why it is said:
Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.

Just like a mirror reflects all that stands before it, so too are the people you choose to have as friends.

Judgements are made, whether you’re aware of it or not, based upon those you call your friend.

But one should also be careful in whom one befriends.

Question yourself and ask :
Am I always paying for stuff when going out?
Do I always have to ask to see a particular ‘close’ friend?
Am I used as an excuse/alibi when my ‘friend’ always goes out without even inviting me?
Do friends always borrow stuff from me, and when I ask for anything, are they willing to help me?
Is this person here for me, the way I am always there for him /her?
Is this person worth having in my life if the ‘friendship’ we have does not benefit me in any way?

These questions might sound harsh or selfish, but here’s the thing: why are you spending your time and energy on a ‘friendship’ if the person you consider a friend, never includes you in anything she/ he does?

Believe me when I say that this type of person wouldn’t think twice about going after something you might want for yourself, or about stabbing you in the back.
She/he is out to get what they can for themselves. There is no conscience in this person that will guide them away from being selfish. No thought of caring about you, no matter how close a friend he/she may be to you, will matter , as long as they achieve their goal!

These types of people are toxic, and as soon as you discover this type of person is amongst those you count as friends, you have a choice.
Either you keep being this person’s friend, although they may not even consider you to be a friend at all,
Or… You remove them from your life!

There’s no need to feel guilty or even bad in this situation because in the long run, you’ll find the people who are worthy of your friendship, and those are the ones who will always want the best for you, no matter what happens.

They will also be there for you when you need them, as much as you will be there for them when they need you.

These are the treasures you will gain in your search for friendship.


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