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Being Indian and living within an Indian community, marriage is always a hot topic.

From age 17 or 18 onwards be prepared for a barrage of questions concerning marriage, and as you get older, it just gets worse. [Talking from personal experience here.]

The thing is that for some people, when they find love, their parents are not happy with their choice and then all sorts of problems start.
Instead of being happy that your child has someone that loves him/her, and following the Sunnah, you would rather not have him/her marry his/her love, and so invite a plethora sin into your child’s life.

As the Hadeeth mentions, a man marries a woman for one of four reasons: wealth, status, beauty, and piety. Piety being the best of reasons.

But in today’s time, most people marry for love. While other’s settle for arranged marriages and make do with the partners chosen for them. Some find true happiness, while others just do what is expected of them as per familial wishes.

It is not that the family wants to punish the woman or man by selecting their spouse for them, but however, they do it out of love and wanting their child to be happy and taken care of financially.

There are times when consenting to get married is just a compromise. To stop the questions, to stop being ‘fixed up’, to stop gossip, to get away from everyone, and to just be free from all marriage talk… Just say yes… and it all stops… For a while at least.

The next questions begin after marriage and those are ‘when are you going to have children?’

What I personally find sad is that people will never be truly happy for you no matter what your circumstance of life is. They see marriage as the be all and end all in life.
Goals and ambitions don’t necessarily have a place here..

Marriage is all that counts…
And to make your family happy, you will do what makes them happy..

Here’s to hoping that no matter what…or who… comes your way, may you have happiness and love always.

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