Solidarity With Palestinians!

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

With Gaza constantly under attack by the Zionists of Israel, it is time for us all to take a stand.

When I say all, I mean all of us as humanity. It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Coloured, Indian, Arab, Asian, European, etc, nor does it matter whether you’re Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Tamil, Hindu, Jewish, or even Athiest, etc.
Killing of men, women & children, detaining them for no reason, beating them, etc, should NEVER be OK with anyone.

The fact that Jerusalem is sacred to the 3 major religions of the world should be something that draws us closer to one another, not separate us further.

If your heart aches even a little bit for the suffering felt by these people, please attend the rally.

And if you are unable to attend it, please forward this message further so that everyone becomes aware of what’s happening in Gaza, insha Allah.

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في أمان الله



To My Sister, With Love: The Interview With Sister Fathima

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

The following is an interview with Sister Fathima Mohamed. She is the lady with whom the campaign for Syria began.

Questions asked by me are marked R and the answers by Sister Fathima are marked F.

R: Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Sister can you tell me how the campaign all began and who began it?

F: Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. It was after watching a documentary on the Christian missionaries working in Jordan and trying to convert the Syrian women. Thats where the idea of the letters came from. Since its almost impossible for most of us ladies to go there, I thought why don’t we write and tell them, show them our love and support.

The pack was something I added since its personal, something all women need no matter what, and it creates that bond of sisterhood.

Sister Shakera Jina came up with the with the name:
To My Sister, With Love.

Naseema Moolla did the write up for me and my sisters, Mariam Moola, Saadya Laher and Shakera Jina..also Aamena Jassat helped get most of the drop off points. So basically it was all these ppl that kicked off the campaign.

R: Can volunteers get involved and what should they do or who can they contact?

F: Contact persons for volunteers:
Fathima Mohamed-0765621304,
Mariam Moola-0847860405 or
Nureen Jina -0731144040.

R: How would you define sisterhood?

F: ‘The essence of sisterhood bound not by the ties of blood, daughters, sisters, wives, mothers but strengthened by the ties of Imaan (faith).
Colour cannot shake us, language cannot break us,
boundaries cannot separate us,
across oceans, rivers and seas, across deserts,
mountains and valleys,
we laugh the same laugh, weep the same tears,
struggle in the same cause,
united by one battle cry,
La ilaha illallah muhammad-ur rasulullah.’
My friend gave me her t shirt and it had this quote!

The link is an interview done by sister Ammara of Radio Islam with sister Fathima:

Click Here For The Interview

A special thank you to all the amazing ladies that participated in the campaign and contributed the hygiene packs or towards the packs. May Allah reward you all for your efforts.

Please remember our Syrian brothers and sisters in your duas as well as the Ummah at large, especially where they are going hardships. May Allah grant them strength to persevere and withstand and may He make things easy for all insha Allah.

From both Sister Fathima & Rubina from The Turquoise Scarf.

وعليكم السلام و رحمةالله و بركاته


To My Sister, With Love – A Campaign

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I’d like to bring your attention to a particular campaign that’s being run.

If you are able to, please take part.
If not, The Turquoise Scarf is accepting donations towards this campaign.
A pack is R200.00 each and consists of the items required. Which will be packed and sent off. Deadline for donations to us is 2 weeks before Ramadhaan begins, as we have to pack and send them.


To my sister with love”-

A campaign to empower the fallen women of Syria…
Create a hygiene pack,include:
sanitary pads,
bar soap,
pocket tissue,
panty liners,
moisturiser 100ml bottles,
hair brush,
face cloth and
a pair of socks-encased in a flat toiletry bag (exp date to be 6 mnts n more).

**Importantly sisters…include in it a letter,a message of love,hope and support! From one woman to another. Preferably in Arabic, if you can.

Cut off date 1st week of Ramadhaan!!! For any querıes please contact Fathıma Mohamed on 0765621304..

ALL DROP OFF ZONES: Mayfaır/Crosby- Sakına Mohamed:0118378852.

Fordsburg-Nureen Jına:0731144040.

Greensıde-Sadya Laher:0829525467.

Northclıff-Sabıha Akoojee:0843677314.

Pretorıa-Marıam Moolla:0847860405.

Azaadvılle-Aamena Dındar:0820950247 OR
Zakkıya Kara:0849999998.

Lenasıa-Nassıma Moolla:0832531989 OR
Hava Kaka:0824673072 OR
Zakkıyya Docrat:0721006876.

Helderkruın-Leıla Dındar:0828542350.

Benonı-Nusrat Jassat:0832527289.

Durban-Nabeela Peer:0761616457.OR
Nasreen Peer:0826220372

Port Shepstone-Aatıka Karodıa:0823828080.

Rustenburg-Bıbı Ayesha Haffejee:0828409077.

Potchefstroom-Leıla Dhamba:0822675947.

Ermelo-Sajıda Bhayat:0763746363.

Mıddelburg-Shanaaz Shaıkjee:0824717712.

Carolına-Shakera Jına:0845562973 OR Farzana Kaka:0726441070.