My Lifestyle Changes

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

Over this past year, a lot has happened to me..
Although not all good but those …. trials… have inspired some major changes in my life and I could not be happier.

My health was brought into focus through a rather painful experience , which required a prescription pain shot…which wore off in 3 hours… and I decided then and there that things needed to change… For the better.

So began a journey towards My Lifestyle Changes.

Not only has my back pain been gone for several months, but I’m healthier, I weigh less and I feel amazing!

What helped me?
A combination of quite a few different things actually.

Will I be sharing what I’ve been doing?

How will I be sharing them?
I will be posting up my personal reviews of the products I’ve been, and am currently, using.
I am also able to supply you with some of the products I have been using.

So when I will begin sharing?
From Monday Insha Allah. Expect weekly posts.

Please note that none of the products that have been used or reviewed by me, were compensated for, by any of the companies. These are things I have personally bought and am sharing due to the fact that they’ve had such a huge impact in my life.


اسلام عليكم و رحمةالله و براكاته

Hi everyone

I can’t believe January is ending in a few days and I never got around to posting anything yet.. Until today that is.

For the most part I’m still trying to find a rhythm to function as I now do like 5 people’s jobs and it leaves me either exhausted or frustrated, or both!
So I hereby apologize for the tardiness on posting.
In fact I’m so delayed that I haven’t even gone on holiday yet.. 😒

I do hope everyone’s new (Gregorian) year has begun on a good note.

I’m sure we all have set out goals we’d like to achieve this year, and I sincerely pray we reach them all.

This year I’ll be featuring products that can be ordered straight from me, as well others you can buy at local retailers.

Considering that I am an executive secretary by profession, I also bake and own Fairy Dust Delights , am currently back at work doing sales in building materials and still being the current chauffeur/errand girl/shopper/ occasional cook/baby gift maker etc. I’m about ready to just fall on to my bed and NOT move until morning!

Due to limited time, I have to make some of personal things more accessible so I don’t spend too much time, looking for things. Optimization I think it’s called.
I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks soon.

My only current dilemma right now is deciding where to go for a much needed holiday break.

SAMA’s 11th Annual Jalsah


اسلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

Tuesday, 26th November 2013 is the 11th Annual Jalsah of SAMA.
And as always, I have always looked forward to it.

This year however, began on a bad note, where at the entrance, the school sells food and drinks, but you aren’t allowed to take it into the auditorium.

So I returned the little one’s crisp, and asked to have the R100.00 worth of food coupons refunded.

Getting into the UJ auditorium, there was adequate seating, in fact more than adequate.

The MC was Nicholas Bixa

The program was as follows:

Opening Qiraat
Welcome Speech by Mr F. Turkman
National Anthems by Grade 4
Welcome to SAMA by Grade 2 A
Lab Pe Aati by Grade 1 B
Act of a Thousand Hands by Grade 2B
Budget Speech by Grade 2 A
Grade 1 Tradition Pot Pourri
Arabic Poem by Grade 3
Whirling Dervishes by Grade 2
Turkish Nazm by Grade 4
Off To Great Places by Grade 3
Chinese Fan Dance by Grade 5
Uhibbuka Rabbi by Grade 3
The Changing Face Of War by Grade5
SAMA News by Grade 4
Vote of Thanks

It was an amazing display of diverse themes.

The Budget Speech was awesome. And was one of my favourite parts of the Jalsah.

I truly admire the staff of the school for all of the effort that they, as well as the students, puts in.
Each year has been more awesome than the last.

As for food, we were starving and thirsty after we left the Jalsah which ended around 10:15pm. We didn’t bother buying from the school, as I was already irritated and not in the mood to deal further with the ridiculousness of it all. And instead we drove to MacDonald’s on the way home and ate at around 11pm that night, finally..