Eidul Adha Mubarak

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Hi everyone

I want to wish you Eid Mubarak.

It is Eidul Adha, also known as Baqri Eid.

Eidul Adha Mubarak

This is a different Eid from Eidul Fitr which was celebrated at the end of Ramadhaan.

We are currently in the month of Zil – Hajj and will be celebrating Eidul Adha, all around the world, God willing.

This time will be similar to last year, as we are still in lockdown and need to adhere to social distancing restrictions while performing our religious rites to the best of our abilities and capabilities.

I’ve seen innovative ways in which some people, organisations and Masjids are offering to do your Qurbani or sacrifice.

With technology, we are able to witness our Qurbani without having to leave our home.

Isn’t that amazing?  Subhanallah (All praises are due to Allah)

There will be a marked difference in the atmosphere of Eidul Adha as well.

Although we are not able to be with all our family, and there will be no big family dinners or lunches really being held, we still get excited and make this time of the year one of expanding our knowledge.

For many people, its hard to understand why we perform certain rites during Hajj and why we slaughter sheep, goats, bulls/cows and camels.

Last year I came across a rather terribly headlined article by a particular newspaper, which quite frankly displayed their lack of respect for Islam as a religion and lack of knowledge as a whole, as they could have easily learned the reason as to why we slaughter particular animals at Eidul Adha, without having to resort to vulgarity in their criticism.

The slaughtering of an animal is based on the emulation of Prophet Ibrahim (Alayhis Salaam), aka Prophet Abraham, who was commanded by Allah Ta’aala, God Almighty, to sacrifice his only son, Isma’eel (Alayhis Salaam), aka Ishmael ( May he be blessed). As the blade was about to slice the throat of Isma’eel A.S., a ram was placed in his stead and so Ibrahim A.S. slaughtered the ram instead of his son.

We emulate this action every year as it is a RELIGIOUS REQUIREMENT and those who criticize it, need to look deeper into the story of Hazrat Ibrahim Alayhis Salaam aka Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him. Look at his willingness to obey the command of his Lord and Creator. Look at his son’s faith and willingness to be sacrificed, and his maturity and how he encouraged his father to follow his Lord’s command.

Could any father today be willing to sacrifice his child?

Would any child today be able and willing to not just be sacrificed but to encourage their father to do it as well?

The main practices of our Hajj and Umrah or Pilgrimage rituals are based upon the actions of Ibrahim (Alayhis Salaam) and his wife Hajar (Alayhis Salaam), God be pleased with them.

If you have any questions regarding the sacrificing of the animals for Eidul Adha, please be sure to comment below and I will reply.

Have a wonderful Eid, and a wonderful week.

عيد سعيد

وعليكم السلام و رحمةالله و بركاته

Eidul – Fitr Mubarak!

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Alhamdulillah (All praises are due to Allah (God)), we have reached the end of this blessed month.

Somehow it seems as if the month of Ramadhaan has passed by so fleetingly, leaving me to wonder if I had made the most of this month… and I hope that I did, Insha Allah.

Eid Mubarak from Talhah and Rubina H. Jappie

The Arrival Of The Beautiful Month, Ramadhaan 1442AH

It’s the last day before Ramadhaan begins around the world, and though many of us are on Lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, preparations for the fasting month has long since begun or it should have.

The Preparations

Preparations are normally to be understood in the area of making food, and to a degree, that understanding would be right.

However, preparations should also include the practice of readying one’s spiritual self for the upcoming blessed month.

Shabaan is a month in which many of our predecessors would ready themselves for this Holy Month by fasting, increasing their Tilaawat (recitation of the Qur’aan) and Zikr ( remembrance of Allah through praising Him).


Many of us would be spring cleaning our homes, and perhaps even putting up some decor in an effort to bring in some of the atmosphere of Ramadhaan.

Ideas for decor can range from wreaths to prints in frames, lanterns strategically placed in certain areas of your home, perhaps a drinks trolley stacked with a Zam Zam water decanter and glasses with an assortment of dates nearby… fresh flowers are always a treat and a way to bring in some outdoor beauty.

Here are some ideas for decor from a few YouTube vloggers that I follow:

Leena from ‘With Love,Leena’ has done a really lovely set up for her table using a color scheme of black, gold & white. It looks really great. With love, Leena’s vlog.

Next up is ‘Forever Imanee’. I loved her set up for Ramadhaan. Forever Imanee’s Vlog.

Check out Simply Jaserah, Sara_Why , Un Hogar Tradicional, justbriyonce & As.Inspiration as well for some amazing decor.

I got really inspired and perhaps I may just do something, so keep an eye out on my Instagram feed for updates. It’s never too late to put up some decor after all.

Are you decorating your home?

Share your tips and ideas with us in the comments.

Why is Ramadhaan so important in Islam and to Muslims?

Ramadhaan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar.

It is one of five pillars of Islam.

It is during this month that the Holy Qur’aan was revealed and it is during this month that Muslims are commanded to fast from dawn to dusk every day, until the New Moon of Shawwaal is sighted, which signifies the end of the fasting month, as well as the day of Eid Ul Fitr.

Fasting teaches us empathy, compassion, will power, restraint & abstinence.

My well wishes for you.

I wish you all a blessed Ramadhaan, filled with beauty, joy and strength. May Allah SWT bless you all and keep you safe during this pandemic and accept all our fasts, prayers and charity.

My gift for you:

Everyone seems to need a little help in planning their time during Ramadhaan and I have designed some planning pages for you, for free!

Just click the link below to download.

Ramadhaan Fasting Tracker/ Calendar
Qur’aan Tracker

If you do download it, so leave a comment on your thoughts about these pages.

Enjoy, insha Allah.

Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh