Product Review:2: Fitbit Flex

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

Earlier this year, while at OR Tambo,waiting to board, I came across a shop selling Fitbit gear.

What is a Fitbit?

A Fitbit is a tracker that syncs via Bluetooth with your phone.
It keeps track of your steps, diet, exercise, calories and even tracks your sleep!

A Fitbit Flex is an easy way of wearing the tracker. Not only is it stylish but it will be with you wherever you go.
Want to check how many steps you’ve done?
Easy, just tap the tracker and every illuminated LED light will show you 20% of your target steps that you’ve completed.


There’s a beautiful color range of bands available that you can insert your Fitbit Flex tracker into, even some designer wrist bands!

Now I had been looking for a pedometer to count my steps and to be more active generally, and this seemed almost perfect. And so I bought it.

That was 9 months ago, and I haven’t regretted using it. Infact I’m thrilled at knowing just how much I’ve moved and I’m able to keep track of my diet and calorie intake.

The Fitbit Flex is simply an awesome addition to leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

The battery life is pretty good considering that I charge it once every 5 – 6 days.
And you get an email reminder to charge your flex when the battery level goes low.

I haven’t experienced any cons to the Fitbit, except that I don’t wear my Fitbit flex on my arm. I actually strap it to my ankle because I feel it’s more accurate in counting my steps that way.

Recently a new Fitbit Force tracker has been released and I am so in love with it!
Hoping to get it soon!


You can visit Fitbit South Africa here for more information.

NB: I was in no way compensated for this review. This is purely my own opinion after having tested this product for a period of time.

وعليكم السلام و رحمةالله و بركاته

My Local Salon


Welcome to Skin & Body International.

This is the local salon in Lenasia that I go to on a monthly basis.
They’re fast, efficient, and have a professional manner, yet have friendly and warm personalities.

With state of the art technologies helping one attain results fast, you are assured that you are getting value for money.

From manicures, pedicures and facials, to waxing, laser and even massages!


They’re also promoting weightless and skin tightening treatments.

There’s always something for everyone.

Monthly specials are announced via email and in advertorials in the local Lenasia Times newspaper or by visiting them in Ext 13, Lenasia.

Without My BlackBerry

In today’s age of technology, it’s hard not to be connected.

We have new phone models which are released on an almost monthly basis. Each cellular phone manufacturer adding more features or better upgrades on current features to their current models, or coming out with a better model.

For us as consumers, it’s absolutely fabulous being introduced to newer technologies that have come to make our lives simpler and easier to manage.

Micro managing your office from a thousand miles away is no longer a challenge and with the advent of wifi technology, it’s a breeze!

Never has keeping in contact with family, friends and work colleagues been this easy.
With social networks such as facebook, twitter, linked in, and so many others, it’s hard to disappear even if you tried to.

For someone who’s been fortunate enough to use BlackBerry since it’s release in South Africa, I’ve become rather good at solving the easiest of problems when friends and family can’t quite understand what’s wrong their phone.

It just had to happen recently where my phone decided it was time to take a break from all that I do with it, and konked out!

My heart just broke.. 😭💔

The best thing about BlackBerry as we all know, is BBM!!

Having been without my BB recently for about a month now, I’ve come to realize just how addicted I have been to it.

Instead I’ve had more time to blog, research, study, tweet, and cook and bake!
Yes, I’ll be featuring recipes soon again. 😉

Ok, back to the topic…

So deprived of my BB contacts and chats and thousands of messages, I’ve had rather a lot of time to explore my iPhone as well.

Thanks to Cell C, a South African mobile network, I’ve been able to enjoy using the many apps available.
If you’re from another country, please understand that for us South Africans, data usage is quite rather expensive as mobile companies here charge us a fortune every month. Cell C is the cheapest and has the best data charges available currently.

Since I’ve been using the iPhone… Let’s just say i’ve not being missing my BB so much.

Although with the BBM app that was released recently, I’m not even sure I want my BB back!

Oh well… I guess I’ll see what happens when it does get returned to me…

Signing off