World Hijab Day, 1st February 2014


السلام عليكم و رحمت الله و بركاته

How many of you are wondering why there’s a special day for hijab, aka world ‘scarf’ day?
Well here’s a little background on the initiative begun by a Muslim sister, in America.

February 1st 2013 is known worldwide, as the 1st World Hijab Day.
Begun by Nazma Khan, a New York resident, who had grown up with being at the receiving end of discrimination all through her life, all because she wore the Hijab or scarf since the age of 11, as is done by many Muslim women around the world everyday.

World Hijab Day isn’t just about Muslim women. It’s about inviting women from all faiths, to don the Hijab and for one day to experience what a Muslim woman feels by wearing the Hijab.
I suppose in a way it’s a bit daring for anyone to just don the Hijab, in its proper manner, where ALL of the hair is covered.

Many women participated last year, even though the event was organized completely via social networks. Nazma’s aim is for 1 million women to take part this year, from all around the world.

I would personally like to invite all female subscribers to don the Hijab, in its proper manner, for a day, on February 1st 2014.


If you do participate, please take a photo of yourself in the Hijab (optional) and forward an email to me, relating your experience in wearing it for a day.
Look at how you are treated by friends, family, colleagues etc.
How do you personally feel having worn it for a day?
What were the highlights and lows of wearing it?
And finally, would you wear it again?

All emails to The Turquoise Scarf will be posted on the blog and the best post, as voted for by readers via the comments section, shall win something special.
I look forward to your entries, which have to be in by midnight on the 2nd of February 2014.
Winners shall be announced on the 5th of February 2014.

So ladies, who’s daring enough to take up this challenge?

If you would like to show your support for World Hijab Day, please post the following picture on your social network profiles for the day on 1st February 2014.


Also here are some links with more information about World Hijab Day:
Muslim Matters

World Hijab Day

Have a wonderful day further,

وعليكم السلام ورحمت الله و بركاته

Must Reads: To Find A Bride & To Find A Groom


Salaam & hi

Where to begin??

A few days ago I was made aware of a rather interesting story by a man looking for his bride.

To Find A Bride
It’s about a journey he undertook in seeking ‘the one’ that has led him on some ….. shall we say ‘interesting’ meetings… Lol.
This is all about a South African Indian man, and ladies please have a read. I’ve actually learned quite few things about a man through this story.
Yes, it’s based on Indian cultural traditions as well as Islamic traditions.
The author is Muhammed Ismail.
He’s on Facebook as well as on twitter : @tofindabride #tofindabride

To Find A Groom
The 2nd part from the view of a girl seeking a groom is written by Tasneem Basha.

In this part, we see the flip version of the woman seeking her groom.
The reality of how easily a woman can get hurt, all thats expected of her and how she carries on seeking the man who will be her husband after facing some trials, disappointments and rather funny situations are well written and expressed by the authoress.

Men, you should read this especially if you’re seeking a bride!

Tasneem is an awesome authoress, is a close friend and quite well known for her local workshops and talks.

She’s on Facebook as well as in twitter : @tasoo #tofindagroom

Have a read and don’t forget to post your comments!

Ma’as salaama for now… Bye for now 😉

Advetisements For Eid 1434!

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَ بَرَكَاتُهُ

Hi everyone

Here’s a last minute advertisement post for those last minute ‘I-Need-To-Still-Get-This- Done’ stuff.

First up we have:

From 8am-1pm
Omar Farouq Hall

Support Local Home Industries 
As well as PJ’s – Scarves- Aromatherapy & Cosmetics- Toys- Crafts n More….

Next we have:

▹▶▹HeNnA by AzWa◃◀◃

Specialises in professional, intricate, stunning, mind-blowing and One of a kind henna/ mendhi designs. Henna done for all occasions Guaranteed beautiful colour, Glitter also done.
Appointments only.
Nail n hand mendhi also sold
(Based in jhb,lenz)

083 660 7300
(Females only)

She has a few bookings available for Eid.


Anyone interested in last minute, small gifts. I have small wooden spoons with bling handles and a magnet attached. It has Eid Mubarak written in Arabic Calligraphy on it. Very reasonable price and I can mail to wherever you are. Overnight postage available. (Postage not included in price)

I also have stunning chocolate toppers available for Eid. But all orders need to be by Saturday midnight.
You will have to pick these up as they are a bit delicate to post. (Based in Lenasia).

Call 0731985624
Fairy Dust Delights by Rubina Hassan.
For a photo or order, please contact me.

I shall be sharing some lovely recipes soon. I haven’t forgotten ;-).

Be prepared for some tantalisingly, tasty dishes, snacks and treats!

Also a quick catch up on all that’s been happening.. pretty much everywhere!

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