Gray Matters by Tasneem Basha

Salaam and hi to all

I hope everyone is doing fantastic and having an awesome weekend!!

I’d like for one all to have a look at the YouTube videos of my friend Tasneem Basha.

She’s a holistic therapist as well as the author of To Find A Groom.
The hit online blog which, together with the author, Muhammed Ismail, of To Find A Bride fame, have pretty much taken South Africa and probably half the world’s population by storm!

Her new segments on YouTube; Gray Matters, is honest, insightful, and helpful in inspiring us to get up and do things.

Procrastination is something we all do, and if you are among the few that don’t procrastinate, I salute you.
Because you’ve achieved something that many of us are still working towards.

Follow this special, insightful woman on twitter on @tasoo and check her out!

She is giving away a FREE TFH session valued at R250.00 or a workshop for a group of 4 lucky people, valued at R1200.00!!

To enter, follow the link:
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Wishing you all the best!


Personal Development Classes by TFH Practitioner: Tasneem Basha

Personal development classes once a week.

Step into your own power and discover the impact of ‘success thinking’.

Gain confidence, insight and peace of mind when you operate out of your best ability in all areas of your life.

Classes will proceed from a minimum of 10 attendees upward, so get a group together and let’s start making a positive change.

Tasneem Basha
Certified Touch For Health Practitioner,
personal development consultant.
082 382 0522

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Madressah, English & Afrikaans Tuition In Southern Johannesburg!!

MNJ Private Tuition enrolment for 2013 is now open!

Are you looking for Madressah classes and/or help with English and Afrikaans for your kids, yourself or know someone who needs help?

My approach is to have a fresh, fun and intellectually stimulating environment in order to learn.

Classes will run in the Ridgeway area and will not cost you an arm or a leg!

Helping your child, friend or yourself is just a call away.

For more information on enrolment for 2013 please contact Mus-ab Umair.
Cell: (+27) 0761272047