Must Reads: To Find A Bride & To Find A Groom


Salaam & hi

Where to begin??

A few days ago I was made aware of a rather interesting story by a man looking for his bride.

To Find A Bride
It’s about a journey he undertook in seeking ‘the one’ that has led him on some ….. shall we say ‘interesting’ meetings… Lol.
This is all about a South African Indian man, and ladies please have a read. I’ve actually learned quite few things about a man through this story.
Yes, it’s based on Indian cultural traditions as well as Islamic traditions.
The author is Muhammed Ismail.
He’s on Facebook as well as on twitter : @tofindabride #tofindabride

To Find A Groom
The 2nd part from the view of a girl seeking a groom is written by Tasneem Basha.

In this part, we see the flip version of the woman seeking her groom.
The reality of how easily a woman can get hurt, all thats expected of her and how she carries on seeking the man who will be her husband after facing some trials, disappointments and rather funny situations are well written and expressed by the authoress.

Men, you should read this especially if you’re seeking a bride!

Tasneem is an awesome authoress, is a close friend and quite well known for her local workshops and talks.

She’s on Facebook as well as in twitter : @tasoo #tofindagroom

Have a read and don’t forget to post your comments!

Ma’as salaama for now… Bye for now 😉

Dinner In A Flash

Today’s one of those days where my mother and my sister went out for the day… From what I could gather, it was mostly wedding related stuff.

That leaves me at home, alone, with the expectancy having dinner ready by the time my father gets back home.

So around 2pm, I went hunting for mutton in our freezer, only to be disappointed at not finding any.

So… What to do?

Then I spotted Beef mince! Lets make kebabs!

Here’s how I made them!

Beef Kebabs by Rubina Hassan:
500g beef mince, rinsed and drained
1 onion finely sliced
2 slices of bread soaked in milk
1 tablespoon green masala ( a ground mixture of green chilies, garlic & ginger)
2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
2 tsp salt, level
1 tsp nutmeg

Mix all the above together, and roll mixture into balls. Use water to dampen your hands to prevent the mixture sticking to them.

Fry in medium level, hot oil until brown all over.

Drain on kitchen paper/ towel and then put into a bowl to serve immediately.

Enjoy with green chutney, red chutney, or in a tomato based sauce or white sauce with pasta, and/or crunchy garlic rolls