Must Reads: To Find A Bride & To Find A Groom


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A few days ago I was made aware of a rather interesting story by a man looking for his bride.

To Find A Bride
It’s about a journey he undertook in seeking ‘the one’ that has led him on some ….. shall we say ‘interesting’ meetings… Lol.
This is all about a South African Indian man, and ladies please have a read. I’ve actually learned quite few things about a man through this story.
Yes, it’s based on Indian cultural traditions as well as Islamic traditions.
The author is Muhammed Ismail.
He’s on Facebook as well as on twitter : @tofindabride #tofindabride

To Find A Groom
The 2nd part from the view of a girl seeking a groom is written by Tasneem Basha.

In this part, we see the flip version of the woman seeking her groom.
The reality of how easily a woman can get hurt, all thats expected of her and how she carries on seeking the man who will be her husband after facing some trials, disappointments and rather funny situations are well written and expressed by the authoress.

Men, you should read this especially if you’re seeking a bride!

Tasneem is an awesome authoress, is a close friend and quite well known for her local workshops and talks.

She’s on Facebook as well as in twitter : @tasoo #tofindagroom

Have a read and don’t forget to post your comments!

Ma’as salaama for now… Bye for now 😉


Okay… I know that there are tons and tons of articles and blogs and self help stuff on relationships on the internet… But this is MY view on it.

A relationship could be defined as having a ‘bond’ with 2 or more people.
That ‘bond’ could be because of similar tastes, likes, dislikes, views, opinions, hobbies, interests, work, dna (yes, blood counts) etc.

But in today’s times there seems to be something missing in so many people’s relationships with their partners, wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, etc.

From the time we are little, we are taught to give and take, to share, to respect, to love, to care, to obey,to compromise, to be honest, to be loyal, to be faithful, to work hard, etc.
This is something that we carry with us for all our lives.

Yet one is able to pick out of that list exactly what is lacking within their relationship/s with other people.
And quite honestly, it really is sad to see how people break up over stupid reasons really.

Think about how many relationships you have… Whether it be in the business world, friends, family, acquaintances, etc.
All those relationships & friendships are treated carefully with respect and compromise and loyalty.

Never would you even think of over stepping your limits in business relationships and certain friendships, and yet in your personal life, you give yourself free reign to carry on the way you want with no respect or regard for the next person.

Remember that the ‘bond’ you have with certain people may not always be strong enough to weather the storm of pain, hurt, disappointment and embarrassment that one or both parties brings into a relationship.

My advice:

1) Treat someone as you would like to be treated.

2) Have respect for all people no matter who they are, or what they are.

3) Think before you speak.

4) If you’re angry, sit down, drink some water, and go for a walk. The saying that applies here is : don’t do something permanently stupid because you’re temporarily upset/angry.

If you have more points to add, please do.

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