Time…Such A Precious Commodity

‘There’s never enough time…’

‘I don’t have time…’

‘Time flies…’

These are just some of the regular sayings that we’ve all used at one time or another.

What I learnt in my other life, as an executive secretary, (yes, weird, I know, but I did have a life once upon a time, lol), is that even if something may just take an hour, set aside an extra hour of time, giving yourself the ability to reduce your stress levels so as not to rush and forget things.

Pace yourself because rushing through something will give you a rushed result!
And no one wants something that has been done half heartedly.

The use of a calender is very convenient these days, especially on mobile phones because you can even set reminders and type memos helping you with details you may end up forgetting.
So although it sounds tedious, trust me.. You’ll be happier and more calm instead of stressed out due to forgetting.

Don’t forget that stress tends to affect all areas of your life. Your family, friends and co-workers will mostly likely bear the brunt of your stress.

For moms and dads it is essential to have open communication and a visible calender just so things don’t end up in a ‘he said/she said’ situation as far as work, kids functions and activities, etc goes.

For us single folks, our appointments, meetings, dates, errands, activities, parties, functions and upcoming weddings… Yep, a calendar is a must to manage our days and time!!

It may take a little getting used to planning your day using your calendar, but you’ll be on time, every time, all the time!

Happy scheduling people and welcome to time management 101 !!

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

How often have you heard that saying?

But have you ever really felt it was true for you?

I don’t particularly mean where you’ve grown up, or where your parents live, etc. I mean as in you finding the one place which encapsulates everything you feel a home is or should be.

For me, its Cape Town.
Alas, I’m a Jo’burg girl… Ironic really, don’t you think?

My love for Cape Town began in 1992, when I went there for the very first time.
The beauty, atmosphere, people, food, energy and calmness that Cape Town possesses is everything I’ve ever wanted.
Its where I feel most at home.

Living in Jhb is quite different, I guess. We’re a lot more fast paced, definitely more stressed, and really you’re not very safe here which tends to make us a bit paranoid I guess.

In Cape Town, I’m able to relax, walk to almost all my favorite spots, and able to use the train and bus routes with ease.. Also, I have the best chauffeur in Cape Town who’s always willing to take a person around and he’s the most reasonably priced too!!!

I’m looking forward to finding myself a home in CT soon, and being at home in a place where my heart already is.

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