Daxina’s First Ever Home Executives Expo!


Daxina invites you to its first ever HOME EXECUTIVES EXPO!

The event takes place on the 5th of May at the Lenasia South Civic Centre.

Bring your kid’s along,and let them do some easy-peasy arts n crafts stuff or jump to their lil hearts content…

Men,get yourself geared into some funky sportswear and grab your fishing rods to enter a casting competition and win an awesome prize.

Ladies,bring your hubby’s wallet along,coz there’s going to be loads of stuff on sale,from handbags,scarves,clothes,biscuits,savouries etc.. Also free visual screening available.

Treat your tastebud’s to lekker biryani, chip and dip and so much more.

Bring the Family and join us,and lets have some fun!!

Winter Blues…?

Salaam and hello to everyone

So winter’s begun, and there’s nothing better than a crackling fire in the fireplace to warm up the house, and perhaps a pot of chunky soup with crusty bread to warm up the tummy!

Its that time of the year where we get out our jackets and jerseys, scarves, gloves, caps and shawls, and of course our boots. Its a great time for shopping too 😉

Its also that time year where I’d rather be cuddling under the blankets and watching movies or reading a book, instead of getting up and going to work!

However there are a few events taking place and for those of us who would like to go out, perhaps you’d consider going to one of these events. I’ll be listing them weekly so keep checking back to be updated.

There’s the march against the ban of the Niqaab in France on the 20th May 2011 as mentioned in my previous post.

On the 22nd May 2011, Ask Nanima is hosting a Home Industry Expo at the Botanical Gardens in Emmarentia. Lots of fun for the kids, shopping for the ladies, fishing for the men and food for all!

Also, they’ll be collecting kitchen appliances, toys and clothes for various charities/hospitals/ orphanages! So if you have anything to donate please take it along.

If you’re into books, a great book has just been released by Shubnum Khan, a local author, which is called Onion Tears*.
Its available from Exclusive Books.

More events will be listed soon.


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