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Late sunrises. Early sunsets. Chilly morning air. Cloudy, rainy days. Out comes the fuzzy blankets. Get the fires lit. Snuggle with your beloved. Toast marshmallows on the fire. Sip on hot, spicy chai (tea). Come home to a savoury Sunday roast. Don’t forget, there’s hot custard & Malva pudding too!

The Autumn chill has given way to the Winter cold.

Whilst I appreciate the coziness that comes as winter sets in, it’s the actual cold that I’m not a fan of entirely. There are some high points though, such as getting cozy with fuzzy blankets, hot cocoa and mini marshmallows.

As someone that cooks quite often during the week, I love the fact that ‘soup season’ is here. Need some inspiration? How about some spicy butternut soup, homemade chicken soup with noodles or even a chowder? Accompanied by toasty croutons, crusty bread, or perhaps some crème fraîche.

Normally, winter tends to bring to mind snow covered grounds, children building snowmen or making snow angels, ice skating on frozen ponds or in ice rinks, sledding on snow covered embankments and most of all, festive decor and food.

In South Africa, it’s different. Here we have really cold weather with temperatures dropping to -2 Degrees Celsius in some places and even lower in other parts of the country. It also rains a lot, and on clear days, though the winter sun is lovely, the icy breeze and winds will have you wrapped up in your warmest winter wear.

Getting our home ready for winter is essential. It’s time to switch out the bedding to cozy winter sheets, change the curtains to a thicker material, and lay out the rugs to add another layer of warmth.

For scents around around the home, add some candles with comforting scents like vanilla, mandarin, clove and ginger.

I love having fresh flowers in my home, and this winter, I’m thinking of making up a bouquet of eucalyptus, thistles, roses, proteas, hydrangeas, baby’s breath and lavender. They keep for a while and dry out beautifully.

Of course, we cannot forget our winter wardrobes! Fleecy gowns, snuggle worthy pyjamas, fuzzy slippers and socks, as well as stylish and functional jerseys, jackets and coats, and boots are definitely going to be needed. Don’t forget gloves, scarves and caps too. Many stores seem to have a great selection of these available and perhaps a shopping trip or two may be in order.

Winter, though harsh at times, has a certain magic about it, don’t you agree?

Until next time, keep warm and enjoy the warmth and fuzzy coziness that winter brings.

As always, I would love to know what you’re looking forward to this season. Let me know in the comments tapping the comments tab above this post.

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