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When I began cooking, my mom had 2 specific pots we would use to cook our Jumu’ah dhall & rice or kuri kitchri in.

I remember her saying that her mother, my Nani, had given them to her when she got married. These are the oldest pots we have, and they are the Original AMC pots.

I did ask her once she didn’t send them in for polishing, and she said she’s afraid they would swap them for other pots. These are quite heavy compared to the new range.

However, yesterday we received new sets of AMC pots. One set for each of us daughters and some big pots and an urn for mum.

The fabulous sales agent, Khatijah Motala, advised that she is currently giving a discount,if you buy from her.

Don’t get me wrong, these pots like all other brand name and quality guaranteed brands tend to be a bit pricey. But the investment is definitely worth it. And what’s great about the particular sets we, as the daughters, chose, is that we’re able to use these pots both in the oven as well as in the oven!

I’m definitely into the whole multiple use thing, as I hate washing unnecessary dishes. This way I cook and roast in the same pot!
(They’re also nice enough to serve from, instead of yet more unnecessary serving dishes –> applies to home family only,as guests will definitely find it weird!)

So come on, invest in the AMC range today and be assured that you will forever have great pots that will never warp or need to be replaced.

In addition to the AMC ranges, mrs Motala also stocks Mora Spanish Blankets that are available in a range of colors and sizes and she also has a range of baby blankets!

To contact her, please check the Turquoise Directory page for details.



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4 thoughts on “AMC: The Pot Range That’s Standing The Test Of Time!

  1. salaams. cant find the number in the directory. please may i have it. thanks

    1. Was salaam Mishka

      The number is 011-854-4311. Speak to Khatijah Motala.

      Apologies for the delay

      Ma’as salaamah

  2. Slms.

    What is the price!!!! The blankets and the pots???? Please send contact details.

    1. Was salaam.

      Khatija’s details are listed in the Turquoise Directory.

      Pricing can be discussed with her as well.

      Shukran Jazeelan

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