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Salaam and hi to everyone


I hope everyone’s enjoying the December holidays and having fun in the sun. For some of us that remain home for some reason or another, I hope that you are nonetheless having fun too.


I’ve noticed recently that many women, especially Muslim women, tend to be rather confused about certain laws pertaining to women in Islam.

Well I have some great news, Muallimah Shamiela from Channel Islam International has begun her own blog on  For those who dont know much about Muallimah Shamiela, here are a few facts:

She is a mom to four children, 2 daughters and 2 sons.

She is a teacher as well as an internationally known radio personality hosting 2 programmes a week on Channel Islam International.

She is truly a well – learned person, and is really helpful in advising us Muslimahs with regard to issues pertaining to female health especially within the parameters set by Islam. [i.e. what is acceptable and what is not acceptable]


For more on Muallimah Shamiela, please continue to her new blog which is at


I sincerely wish her well in her endeavours to make us women aware of our rights and the laws pertaining to us within Islam.



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