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The only stars they see are the sparks of a bomb. The only waves they hear are the travelling of the missiles before it explodes.
The only scent they smell is the smoke from their demolished houses.
The only touch they feel is the touch of the bullets penetrating their skin.
The only flavour they taste is the flavour of rubble that resulted from yet another explosion.
The only joy they feel is when they are protecting Al-Aqsa before being killed.
The only comfort they experience is the comfort of the grave.
This is what our dear brothers and sisters in Palestine are going through before they are being killed.
It’s heart breaking, heart wrenching.

Oh Palestine!
For every drop of blood that you shed, you are getting rewarded.
Your Jannah is ready for you!
You are stronger than us, you have courage.

To the parents of every baby and every child that is getting killed, Ebrahim (AS) is awaiting their sweet presence in Jannah.
To our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, you are fortunate enough to pass away as a martyr. ﺂللَّــہ has given you a high rank!
Your suffering will definitely be rewarded by the Almighty.
Keep your faith strong.
The greatest weapon we can give you is prayer.
For prayer (dua) is more powerful than any man-made missile.
We will be your voice!
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Do not despair, ﺂللَّــہ is there!

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