Col’Cacchio, The New Halaal Pizza Place

Col’cacchio, an Italian restaurant franchise founded by Michael Terespolsky and Kinga Baranowska in 1992, has grown and spread across South Africa & Namibia. With 36 restaurants, this casual dining establishment is known for its thin crust based gourmet pizzas, delicious pasta and crisp fresh salads, preparing their meals with the freshest sourced ingredients, in innovative ways, showing off the quality produce.

Col’cacchio recently broke into the Halaal market, with restaurants that are SANHA approved.

The Mall of The South branch was recently opened and I must admit that I was really impressed by the service we received.

With us being a crowd of 7 adults and 3 children, the waiters kept the kids busy with crayons and paper while we as adults had peace of mind with regards to their safety, and enjoyed our meal.

I was really impressed by the Celebrity Chef Showdown #Pizza4Good choices.

Nadia Jaftha, Jack Parow and Siba Mtongana came up with some interesting combinations.

Nadia Jaftha: ‘Jou Ma Sala’ is a spicy chicken masala based pizza.

Jack Parow: ‘Wors Tokolosh’ is a braai meat inspired pizza, topped with wors.

Siba Mtongana: ‘The Sibalicious’ is a sweet & sour chicken pizza.

These limited edition pizzas are really flavourful and delicious. My favourite thus far was definitely the ‘Jou Ma Sala’.

Col’Cacchio’s pastas, etc are equally delicious. Their unique mocktails are a must try as well.


They are quite well priced and affordable, and you could spend an average of R400.00 on 2 pizzas ( the celebrity chef pizzas R119.00 plus a R5.00 donation per pizza,to the current charity they are supporting), a pasta and some drinks, plus a tip.

Safety :

Going to a restaurant with kids has become a concern for many parents recently, and the staff at the Col’Cacchio at The Mall of The South help to alleviate your worries in that they give the kids paper and crayons, or even pizza dough to play with, which helps to keep them from running around and helps parents to keep their children safe. The waiters and waitresses are super helpful and friendly.

I would suggest that you either sit inside the restaurant or near the window if sitting in the outside seating area, if you’re concerned about your handbag getting stolen  which has been happening at other restaurants.

We will definitely be visiting them again soon, especially since our initial visit to the restaurant was really good.

Have you visited them?

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