September, Spring, Sustainability…. Stylishly

It’s September already and I can’t just can’t seem to keep up with how fast time has flown by!

Just a few weeks ago we were in the blustering cold grip of Winter, and now, Alhamdulillah, we are in the beginning of Spring!

[If you’re a bit confused , let me clarify. I live in South Africa, and as such, we are in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that our seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere.]

Spring is a beautiful season and for me, it’s like a new beginning. The perfect time implement some new habits, like joining the campaign against single use plastic products.

What’s been impressing me recently, is the use of sustainable materials in and around our homes and offices, etc.

For example, I’ve come across alternatives for using plastic straws. You now get straws made of bamboo, glass, steel and even pasta, which comes with a cleaning wand so you can clean your straws and reuse them [ not sure how the pasta ones fare with cleaning exactly…]. Many of them come with rather attractive pouches to store them safely.

Have you thought about reusable grocery bags? I know we’ve seen those canvas bags around in many stores, particularly at the till points. Some stores have really pretty ones available, they’re particularly handy and save you money in the long run… unless you prefer paying for plastic bags each time you shop…which are not quite environmentally friendly.


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Also these are pretty stylish to use on their own…perhaps on holidays or family picnics, etc..?

How about eco – friendly crockery and cutlery? I saw some really lovely items on

There’s so much more available online and both in our local stores. Eco toothbrushes and wooden serving ware, bamboo pens and recycled items from paper to glass.

We all know that our environment is changing for the worse, especially with global warming. I seriously  think that we could do so much to change our lives for the better.

Recycling would be amazing. It’s being implemented in stages in certain areas, but it has a very long while to go before it becomes an everyday household habit.

Sustainability is easy, if we can all work together to make sustainable living a goal.

Having been intrigued recently by decor and architectural shows, I’ve discovered that while being stylish and fashionable is great, many interior designers and architects have been using more sustainable materials such as concrete and locally sourced wood in their designs. A while back, cork was also used to clad a wall, adding a different element visually to a home, but also working as a sound absorbent material, which made the interior echo less.

More natural light is wanted in homes, open spaces, and more of nature is wanted with plants inside the home and gardens been grown with organic produce as well shrubs and flowers and trees.

Here are some interesting buys for the home and office, should you want to begin to change your spaces to being more sustainable.

I hope this post has been helpful and encouraging. I’m certainly looking forward to trying out my ‘green thumb’ this Spring.

Have you thought about doing some planting?

Comment and tell us  your thoughts and experiences on sustainability, recycling and becoming more nature inclined.

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