Eid Table Simplicity

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

It’s almost Eidul Adha, or as many of us know it, Baqri Eid.

It’s definitely a time we ladies want to go all out and put forth the best looking table we possibly can, an Instagram worthy table that will probably go viral on all our social media accounts.

If you’re fortunate to be a high society wife, hiring or buying the best decor, crockery, cutlery and edibles is easy.

But what about the ladies who aren’t?

The ladies who are working everyday, coming home at night, who don’t have access to all the name branded crockery & cutlery and edibles?

The ladies who try their best to impress their nearest and dearest, but don’t have the funds to buy or hire things as it’s just not in their budget to do that, after saving up for Eid clothes for the kids and fulfilling the Waajib act of buying a sheep to make Qurbani with. Not much would be left especially if they still have to pay rent and utility bills.

I spent sometime thinking about ideas and simple ones at that.

Since Eidul Adha always seems to be a rather busy day, and a rushed one at that, I decided to come up with a simple setting.

Since it’s going to the beginning of Spring for us in South Africa, I wanted to incorporate colour but not overly so.

A white tablecloth is almost always my choice as it’s like a blank canvas.

Next, use a table table runner or length of colourful material you may have lying around at home.

Use what you already have at home, such your pretty plates, glasses, vases, cake stands, bowls etc.

Add a pretty ribbon and some lovely serviettes to, perhaps some flowers or fruit to add some more colour and contrast to your table.

A pretty tea light candle holder or a nice candelabra or lantern would make it very appropriate for the evening.

Perhaps some handmade name cards, napkin rings or labels would be great to accessorize with too.

As you can see, I did a very basic setting with everything I had on hand.

The tablecloth and runner used here, was purchased from Sheet Street.

I had some ribbon with the words Eid Mubarak printed on, bought from Stashys in Fordsburg.

Cutlery I bought from Boardmans a few years ago.

Glass bowls and cake stand was purchased from Mr Price Home.

The Turkish glasses I purchased about 3 years ago from Superbalist.

The plates are the interesting bit, I don’t particularly love doing dishes and so I’ve incorporated using printed paper plates from Woolworths. They’re not pricey and save me from a lot of washing up.

If I had lovely, colourful porcelain plates that matched the setting, I’d have used them.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your Eid table, Insha Allah, if you going for something very simple.

I’d love to see what your Eid table looks like, however simple or complicated it may be, so be sure to comment and tag me in your pictures or posts.

وًعليكم السلام و رحمةالله و بركاته

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