The Cii Gala Dinner Review

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته 

As you all know, Saturday night was the Cii Gala Dinner in the Marquee at the Palm Continental Hotel in Crownmines, Johannesburg. 

I hope many of you were able to attend, and if not, that’s ok too. 

The Gala Dinner was held inorder to raise funds for a new studio for Channel Islam International Radio.

The decor of the Marquee was quite lovely. Although I must admit to just loving the space, especially the elegant chandeliers that hang from above. 

The theme color was orange and I personally loved the candelabra setup on the alternate tables. 

Photo courtesy of Fatima Zahra Jappie Ballim

They had a main table that looked quite nice. 

Photo courtesy of Fatima Zahra Jappie Ballim

The highlight for me was Omar Esa singing his nasheeds. He has truly been blessed with a beautiful voice, Masha Allah!

He doesn’t need music to carry a tune and all he had were some back up vocals.

He regaled us with his story of being a London boy who didn’t know much about Islam, and that he guided back to Islam in 2011, Subhanallah. 

He then went on to become a nasheed artist at the suggestion of a friend, after having been previously involved in RnB and POP music. 

It’s amazing how he’s turned his life around and how he’s been blessed, Alhamdulillah.

I loved the fact that he had all the kids in attendance come up on stage with him to sing with him at the end of the dinner.

As we were in the pardah section, we could only record off the big screen projector which wasn’t very clear so I won’t be putting up any videos unfortunately. 

Mufti Mangera gave a lecture and left us with 5 valuable points to see change in our lives, Islamically. 

These are: 

  1. 100 x Istighfaar in the morning and evening. 
  2. Durood shareef abundantly.
  3. Qur’aan, minimum 1 page a day.
  4. Take a few minutes for you and Allah, 5-7 minutes alone, do meditation. Do not allow distractions. 
  5. Once a week try to go for taa’lim or listen to a bayaan/lecture via YouTube or SoundCloud or podcasts. 

The food wasn’t very impressive unfortunately. 

However, we will overlook the food because in the end, it was to raise funds for a good cause, and there was so much more to enjoy. 

Especially the kids on stage with Omar Esa. 

We were given a cd during the event and I haven’t had a chance to listen to it as yet.

It’s quite a nice way of reminding us about the event. 

If you would like to contribute to the CII New Studio project, please do go on to their website  or call them for banking details. 

It will be a Sadaqah – e- Jaariyah for you and those you donate on behalf of, Insha Allah. 

و عليكم السلام و رحمةالله و بركاته 

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