Women’s Day 2016

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

Today is the 9th of August 2016, aka Women’s Day! 

Today we honor all the women in our lives who have made a difference to our world, wherever we may be. 

To me, the women that have inspired me are rather different from each other. I see and interact with them on a regular basis.

My mom is first on my list. She’s showed me what perseverance and inner strength truly is. 

My mother in-law is qualified in many fields and being in her company, I always learn something new. She’s an inspiration to me as she truly is an example of the saying: ‘it’s never too late to learn something new’. 

My sisters in-law and best friends. These women are amazing, ranging from married ladies to single moms. Their creativity, organization, commitment, strength, and all round craziness in handling hectic schedules and crises is amazing. 

I sometimes wonder how they do all they do and still remain sane! 

My sisters. Intelligent, fashionable and talented. They are both amazing in their own ways, yet quite similar.. Yes, I know that sounds confusing… But it’s true. 

My younger sister is an amazing makeup artist and hair stylist. She’s also a fashionable Muslimah in Hijab. 

My youngest sister is a student and also very fashionable. 

I admire both of them in that they’re able to match clothing and Hijabs and look stunning. (Somehow I missed that particular talent.) I rather often seek their advice in styling my outfits for occasions and events.

And without a doubt, my grandmother and grandmother in-law are most inspiring. These two women are so wise and I love being in their company and seeking their advice from cooking a particular dish, to getting a stain out of a particular fabric. 

Their stories and adventures from their youth are admirable and makes one aware of just how far they have come in life. They are truly more precious than any treasure. 

I’d love to know who are the women that inspire you in your life, so feel free to share by clicking the comment button above. 

Wishing all of you an inspired Women’s Day!

و عليكم السلام و رحمةالله و بركاته 

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