Road Trip Through The Garden Route: Plettenberg Bay

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته 

On arriving in Plettenberg Bay, my husband and I stayed a gorgeous guest house called The Anchorage Guest House. 

The guest house is owner run and managed . 

‘Tant Rina’ & ‘Oom Willem’ are truly the sweetest and most helpful people. Their warm natures spill over into their guest house in terms of decor and the result is a homey comfortable feel. 



This was the room we were given. It was quite beautiful and comfortable and cool, despite the heat the area was experiencing. 

Every morning, you can take a seat at the dining room table and have breakfast . There is a choice of cereals and yogurt/milk, and a cooked breakfast of eggs done in variety of ways, and toast and muffins.

Breakfast is overseen by Tant Rina, as she takes your order.

The wifi was extremely slow to the point of non existent, which irritated me as I couldn’t download or upload anything, and had to work off my mobile data. 

(Thank you Cell C for having the weakest signal ever along the coast!!!)

The one thing I want to share with you most of all is the fact that there aren’t any Halaal places in Plettenberg Bay. Zero. Nada. Zilch! 

However, 20 minutes away from Plettenberg, at a place called the Craggs, there is a filling station. And at this filling station, there is the only Halaal place between Plettenberg Bay and  Port Elizabeth. 

It may not look like much, but looks can be deceiving. And if you’re from Lenasia, than you’re in for a treat!! 

You’ll recognize some of the dishes right off and feel at home almost instantly while satisfying your tummy with an ‘Uncle Solly’s Special’ which is a version of Akhalwayas Garbage Pizza.  


The view below is from the road as you drive in from The Craggs.

We were fortunate that after Zuhr Salaah (which my husband and I read in our room) on a Friday, as the only Jamaat Khana is at the Curry And All Halaal, that uncle Solly made some wonderful dishes that instantly took us home to what Jumu’ah Lunch is.


Dhall, Rice, Aaloo & Vengra Fry, Roti & Masala Chops

 Uncle Solly even provided us with some mango atchaar! 

The one thing I loved even more than the food, was the fact that everyone that comes to the restaurant gets to leave their mark there. You’re actually allowed to write on any wall, pillar or stone with an available space. The marker is provided by the staff of the restaurant. 

Since this was my first trip with my husband, I made sure to leave our mark there too! 


Rubina Hassan & Talhah Jappie

We enjoyed visiting the Keurboomstrand as well as driving around Plettenberg Bay. 

They have a mall but no other entertainment really… Unless you’re the ‘drinking’ kind, in which case, there are plenty of bars around.
There’s a small flea market open daily selling mostly a variety African carvings, bowls and material. There’s a food court as well as a hairdresser and some other shops that looked as though they opened only on a weekend. 

There are some upmarket boutiques, and yes the prices match.. 

For sightseeing one could visit The Craggs, however some of the shops are open only during the high season.

The Mill is also quite nice, there’s a warehouse that sells Angora wool products such as blankets, clothing, aprons etc. They also keep wooden toys. 

We met a lovely man, Bernard, that uses a loom to make luxurious bath mats. They’re thick and quite gorgeous!


The art behind Bernard is from a local painter, and are all for sale. 

If you love luxury, these mats are definitely a must have! 

The Peppermill Restaurant is not Halaal, but they do have a coffee shop and opposite to it, there’s a shop where they use crystallized coral in making jewelry, dream catchers and dolls, bookmarks, etc.

I’ll stop here. 

This post has become longer than I expected it to be. 

Anyway, if you love the quiet, Plettenberg Bay just after high season is probably the best for you to go to for a good rest. Just remember to take tons of food with you. 

On that note, I end here (for real this time! ?) 

و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته


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