The Day We Said ‘ I Do’

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

On Friday, December 18th 2015, at 17:30pm, I officially became a bride and wife. 

I still find it hard to believe just over a month  later…


We chose the day of Friday to get married on due to it being the best day for us as Muslims. 

There’s a lot of blessings showered upon us on a Friday and I wanted to have my marriage have the best possible start by beginning it on such a blessed day. 

After contacting a couple of venues in Lenasia, which is my hometown, I settled on the using the Baitun Noor Hall.

Although the hall accommodates up to 350 people approximately, I only had 200 guests.

And the hall itself was separated in half because my wedding had men and women seated separately due to it being a purdah function. 

I had my wedding invitations designed by Shani from Defined Printing & Stationery based in Lenasia. 




I had contacted a few wedding planners and settled on Shaneez from Lenz Decor and Catering. 

She had previously done my sister’s wedding and she did a great job catering my requests and wants. 

My chosen colour scheme was turquoise, white and silver (Naturally ?).

The hall looked stunning in its simplistic decor, not too overdone. 


Some of the decor accessories were done by hand between myself and my talented cousin, Shaziha.

She’s quite rather creative and she handmade 220 pearl napkin rings .

And together with my sisters, cousins and aunts we folded all the serviettes/napkins…. On the wedding day!! 


I made the above packs up including the dua card. 

These boards welcomed and directed the men and women in attendance to the correct seating areas. 

They were beautifully made up by Shaziha after I had painted them. 

We did quite a few DIY things that added that special personal touch to the wedding, which many of my friends and family noticed. 

A special mention must be made of the creatively talented people that added to the ambience and tea tables.

My entrance drinks were provided by Yasmin Mahomed from Designer Drinks.

Nabeela from Cake Etc made delicious desserts for my tea table, and even decorating the cups to match my wedding colors. She also made some fabulous fruit platters. 

My wedding cake came from Aunty Hajra from Pwetty Little Things. She’s truly a Cake Artist!

My headgear, hijab and niqaab was done by the fabulous Aunty Rookshana from Bridal Hijabs

My bouquet, Qur’aan parcel and my husband’s ring and watch parcel was made by Aunty Rabia of Xclusive Parcels. 

A big highlight at my wedding was the individual ice creams that were served. I still have people enquiring about them more than a month later. These were specially brought in for me. 

Because this was no typical wedding, my menu was obviously different as well. The amazing dishes were all prepared by Moulana Ebrahim Hassim. 

A speech was given by Ebrahim Gangat, and  beautiful Qiraat rendered by Yusuf Osman, not forgetting the most amazing dua rendered by my brother-law, Musab Umair Jappie. 

Our special day was truly just that! 


و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

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