Afternoon High… Coffee??

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته

It’s finally come around again! 

The weekend, that is. After the stressful week I’ve had, all I wanted to do is just relax and have a bit of fun. 

My friends and I had a chat about another get together and what we should actually do.. Like follow a theme for example.

We’d decided on a ‘High Tea’ theme, with the only difference being that … None of us actually drink tea really.

Yep, we’re coffee drinkers! 

So my friend, lets call her Ru, had invited the rest of us over to her beautiful home, and set up tables in her cute little garden. 


   We all had a hand in helping with treats, although some more than others. 


This is an amazing prawn cocktail made by one of my best friends. 

I have somewhat of an idea of what Q put in here, but I’ll have to request her recipe to really know. It was truly delicious! 


  Nothing short in the selection of sweet and savory treats. 

The watermelon cooler was thoroughly enjoyable , Ru’s recipe of course. 

The donuts made by T looked a lot like what we know as spiced Koeksisters, but were quite tasty. 

And no high tea can be complete without the requisite Scones made by Ru’s mom. Topped with fresh cream and fresh strawberry slices. 

The beautiful pastry tarts were made by another friend, Ra, who is ever so talented, Masha Allah! They were filled with a filling made of nuts and some spices.

Aside from the fabulous food, we spent time talking, joking and catching up on all that’s currently happening. 

Of course… My upcoming wedding and future home were discussed and a lot of ribbing took place of course. 

Being with my friends is a source of great joy and the fact they are all so creative blows me away always. From the simplest of beginnings, everything turns out into a work of art… Sometimes too nice to eat!  

If everyday life had not come knocking, I’m sure we’d still be sitting and eating, drink and joking away. 

This ‘High …Coffee’ is definitely something we’ll remember for quite a while to come! 

I cannot wait for the next get together! It’s bound to quite rather interesting… To say the least. 

I’d love to hear what your experiences of a High Tea has been like… Especially the unconventional ones, wink wink!

Until next time. 

و عليكم السلام و رحمةالله و ب ركاته

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