Online Shopping

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته 

Online shopping.

By now, I don’t think there’s many people that haven’t shopped ‘online’, be it via a website or buying something from a vendor that advertises on a social media platform like Instagram, Facebook or even Bbm & Whatsapp for that matter. 

Online shopping has become essential and a norm to some of us who either have no time to actually get to a mall during their operating hours, or who simply require something that is either not locally made or made and available in a different part of the country. 

For myself, I do have quite a few places that I do shop at online. My main reason is because I work and pretty much have no time to scout around for things physically, online shopping gives me the freedom to browse at 2am, if need be, for that something that I simply NEED to get. 


Yuppiechef is one of my favourite online stores to purchase things for the kitchen, especially spices and baking aids because it’s good quality and reasonably priced AND their delivery service time is simply AMAZING!! 

 Mr Price is another online store that I buy from regularly, although most times these goodies are for my younger sister who is a university student. She usually looks online to see what she likes and if she doesn’t find it in the store, online ordering it is!


Another store that I buy from is @Home. There are things that they have from time to time that are brilliant buys. I have always loved some of the decor pieces they have. 


A question most people ask is:

How do you know your online shopping is safe? 


It’s quite easy. 

Most reputable stores have secure sites. 

Look for sites showing a padlock and the letters  ‘https’ in the web address, which indicates that it’s safe. 

An example is Yuppiechef

See the padlock on the site’s name? 

That means it’s safe and secure for shopping.

These stores usually are linked to payment sites, however most do offer you the choice in paying via direct deposit, Eft or credit card. 

Many people in South Africa are still apprehensive with shopping online and to be honest, I don’t quite blame them for that. Many examples of theft from bank accounts via ‘phishing’ has taken place. But at the same time, people should be vigilant in learning to make sure their connections are safe and secure. 

Online shopping really is convenient and the delivery service is really great most of the time. Sometimes there can be a hiccup, however this is not a regular thing. 

Convenience really is the way of the present and future, as life becomes busier and busier, and online shopping seems to be the alternative for many working mommies, daddies, and singles alike. 

And with such a wide variety of stores that are online & secure, you’re spoilt for choice!

{please note that all photos are from the Internet and credit goes to all designers and stores of images}. 

و عليكم السلام و رحمةالله و بركاته  

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