Brunch, A Catch Up With The Ladies

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته


Something I aspire doing on a regular basis but have yet to actually accomplish that particular goal. 

What I love about having brunch with the amazing ladies that I’m friends with, is the fact that we get a few hours to catch up on what we’ve missed out on  with each other due to being busy.

Good food, great coffee and amazing company all make up a fabulous brunch in my opinion. 

Fego Caffè at Signet Terrace in Lenasia is where we decided to have our brunch. 


Comfortably seated, we commenced on a series of conversations that would hop from one topic to another eventually returning and ending somewhat on the initial topic we began with. 

Inbetween, ordering our coffees and then debating on what to eat.. We eventually ended up with the following:

2 x cafè latte, 1 x mega cuppacino with cream and a chai tea latte.     

I love the way the food looked and everything was freshly made. 

Tramezzini’s here are really lovely, as is the mega breakfast,lemon chicken open sandwich and the salmon open sandwich. 

Our downfall , we had to take home about half our meals because we just couldn’t finish them. 

The staff are efficient and patient and even shared in a few laughs with us, and I’m pretty sure they thought we’re a crazy bunch by the time we left. 

The sharing of our experiences lately and a lot of laughs had us not wanting to actually get up and leave, but alas, real life came knocking rather loudly as kids had to be picked up from school, errands had to be run, households needed to be attended to and work (round 2) had to be started, as we tried, and dismally failed, at trying to finish of a piece of Mozart cake (shared between the 4 of us, mind you). 

I can’t wait until the next brunch to be honest, hopefully we’ll feature an ‘at home brunch’. 

Perhaps even including some recipes, so stay tuned to future updates. 

وعليكم السلام و رحمةالله و بركاته 

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