Vintage, Fashion & Fun!

السلام عليكم و رحمةالله و بركاته 

What a rush the weekend was! 

Imagine being able to attend an abaya fashion show… Exciting right?! 
Now.. Imagine that you have to dress according to the theme, which turns out to be vintage fashion!! 

Not exactly your everyday Muslimah fashion wear.. So.. My one particular friend and I go a little crazy. 

Scratching into the recesses of my closet, I find a great Little Black Dress adorned with 3 little roses attached. 

It goes perfectly with classic pearl necklace and bracelets. 

For my friend, I found a skirt and top I had previously worn to my sister’s bridal shower, which amazingly enough was ‘vintage design’

(I am not a hoarder, if the thought crossed your mind, but they’re basically new, why give it away? And it comes in handy at ‘all ladies’ events) 

Off we go to the fashion show, only to see three men there, and so we don’t remove our abayas and scarves to show off all the effort put into the outfits! What a disappointment! 

Of course.. Being with the amazingly, fabulous friends I have, that disappointment didn’t last long as we settled to take photos in the very vintage courtyard and garden of Morrelles Boutique Hotel. 

The fashion show was by Fiza, and we all saw quite a few abayas and some dresses that we loved. The pricing is naturally expensive but it was quite nice attending the show. 

The desserts, snacks and coffee were lovely, more so due to the crazy conversations and laughter my friends and I shared. 

Certainly a day to remember for us, especially as I gained 2 new friends!  

Don’t we look rather gorgeous with our abayas on either way?

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