A Self Confessed Bookaholic!

There are few things in this world that brings a certain amount of relaxation to my life, and by far, the cheapest one, is a good novel!

That would explain the tons of books I have and why I’ve no space left to put them!

Yes, I am a bookaholic! I should be a certified one though, hehe.

I simply love books!

Murder mysteries, romance, thrillers, even Islamic books… give me a book, and I’ll happily spend a few hours reading it. Just try not to disturb me.

In books, I am able to travel to all exotic (& not so exotic) places, discovering beautiful sights, witness love grow between people and how murderers are brought to justice.

One is able to truly block out reality and get lost in a world of words in which all you’ll experience is the anticipation, thrill, and excitement that the characters go through.
Here you can forget your worries and troubles, just for a little while… And maybe even dream a little…

A book can be a source of education, solace, comfort, or some much needed stress relief… And sometimes, they’re all that in one book!!

Books… Yes… Wonderful Books…
Judge them by their cover and you may end up missing a fantastic story!

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