Books by Muslimah Authors I Recommend Reading

I’m not sure how many of you know that I am truly a book fanatic. I LOVE reading books, although I haven’t had much time to read recently, I definitely have not lost my love for it.

Below are some of the books that had a lasting impression on me and I definitely recommend that you read them.

If you’re a local South African, please do go on to Instagram and order the books from @trendsetter_hijabi_books. She’s a young entrepreneur that has a fabulous collection of titles for sale.

If you’re from outside South Africa, I’ve included links below in which you can click on and purchase these books from (Please be aware that I may receive a commission on each book sale at no extra cost to you).

Riding The Samoosa Express:

Review: This is a collection of personal narratives  with regards to marriage and beyond, based on South African women within the Indian community. The each narrative really touches the heart and makes some of aware of just how blessed we are. There are a few funny moments, some tender moments and some heartbreaking moments, but  the strength these women have is quite rather inspiring. A great read.

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Riding The Samoosa Express


Ink Of Inspiration by Naadira Chhipa

Read the review here

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Onion Tears by Shubnum Khan

Review: Onion Tears is a touching tale about 3 generations of women, and how they cope with loss, heartbreak and sadness, as well as regaining their inner strength and learning to deal with situations that are not pleasant. Join Aneesa and her mom and her Nani, I found this book to be so real and relevant, especially in today’s times.

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Onion Tears by Shubnum Khan


Food For Royalty by Julekha Gama

Read the review here

Anyone wanting to buy this recipe book, please do email me at : theturquoisescarf(at)











I do hope that these books will be as interesting and inspiring to you, as they have been to me. Feel free to comment in the comments tab at the top of the page.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead Insha Allah.


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