Perfume On The Move!

I love my perfume. Its an integral part of my morning routine to spray on my favourite ‘scent of the day’ when getting ready. What I often find though, is that the size of my bottle is just too big to carry around all day long, in my handbag. Not to mention that I’d be constantly worried about the bottle cracking ,breaking or leaking.

So what does one do in this situation?

Take Your Favourite Scent With You, Everywhere You Go!

Yes! Take it with you in this refillable Perfume Atomizer, which is the perfect size for the frequent traveller, as well as the everyday lady who loves her perfume. It’s a great way to keep things fresh and clean, that allows you to smell delightful everywhere you go!

Its it holds well below the limit on liquids allowed for airplane travel and comfortably fits, pretty much anywhere really.

Its sleek design consists of a brightly coloured,quality metal frame body, with a clear window on either side of the lipstick-sized container. The window allows you to view the level that your perfume is at, so you’ll know when to refill the container. It offers maximum protection from falls, hazards in your handbag, and even cabin pressure.

The user – friendly spray top is revealed when you remove the cap.

Atomizer Specs:

Holds up to 50 sprays
TSA & Airport Approved
Take your perfume anywhere on the go, vacation, business trips, the car, the gym, or anywhere else you can think of
Refillable for multiple uses
Made from metal for secure protection, no leaks
Capacity: 5 ml

How To Use:

The refillable Perfume Atomizer container is fairly easy to use and refill. All you need to do is remove the spray top from your perfume. Then locate the bottom of the Perfume Atomizer, and place it down on the exposed perfume bottle tube at the top. When you pump the bottle, you will witness the container filling up. Once full, simply place the spray top back on the perfume, cap, and you’re good to go anywhere with your Perfume Atomizer!

To view the video, click here.

Where To Obtain The Perfume Atomizer:

The Atomizers are available in a variety of colours from Kubashni Govender or Iconic Connex on Facebook, or Exclusive Perfumes Atomisers on Instagram.

Based in Johannesburg, she ships countrywide. Wholesalers and retailers welcome.

PS: it will make a really great gift!